Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Guess what! Mommy went to a party in Flower Mound last weekend with Daddy and Sarah and I got to go along! There were so many people there that Homestar and I barely had room to run around and chase each other, but we managed. I knocked lots of people over and it was lots of fun. Homestar had to go to bed early, but I got to stay up late (the perks of being young and beautiful!) and party with everyone else. Oh, it was so much fun.

And you know what else kind of good came out of it? Mommy's friend Becca took a picture of me! Finally! See that first picture? That's me at 12 weeks. This one on the right...that's me now at 7 months!! Aren't you all amazed? Mommy certainly is. The shelter said I would only weigh about 15 lbs. I refuse to tell you how much I weigh (a lady must keep her secrets!) but I certainly don't weigh 15 lbs! Notice anything else different? That's right, the terrible thing mommy did to me? She shaved off all my hair and now I look like a CAT. Who does that?! I simply cannot wait until it all grows back, like mommy promises it will.

Anyway, the weather keeps getting hotter and hotter and I keep getting sleepier and sleepier, so I think I'll go back to napping now. Mommy promises she'll buy a new memory card soon, hopefully I'll be up and posting any day now!!


Sparky said...

You got SHAVED? Isn't it just horrible?! I have to get shaved every 3 or 4 months, and I hate it. I don't like being naked.

You look so different now at 7 months than at 12 weeks! But you still look great!


fee said...

ha, finally back! ya, this shaved look is so meow-like. i think you look like catwoman, lucy, which is kind of slinky and sexy... teehee!

and no chewing of the new memory card!!!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

u looks like a real cutie puppy...wanna gv u a big hug...

Koobuss said...

Boy do you look different? Is is a lot cooler without all you hair? I wouldn't know. I've never been without mine. But, don't worry Lucy, it will all grow back by winter and it will keep you nice and warm then.

Who sets these weight limits? Must be a cat.

Lots of Koobus Kisses,

Cubby said...

What a cute little puppy picture!

fee said...

luuuuuceeeeee!!!!! come back!

Turbo the Sibe said...

I am stopping by to say "ha wooooo!"

JackPDB said...

The shaving process is a pain, no doubt, but wasn't the end result great? Cool and comfortable in the summer heat, mm-hm!
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