Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow guys

It has been way too long....this is embarrassing...but mommy STILL hasn't gotten a new battery charger for her camera (remember how I chewed it up LAST SUMMER?). And she has been a bad blogger. And a bad internet-provider because WE HAVE NO INTERNET AT THE APARTMENT. I have to blog from the complex office and this is just tiring.

Pretty soon I am going to drive mommy to circuit city myself so she can start taking pictures of me again. Sadly, the only pictures she can find of me are from Sarah's phone from March. We were at sonic. I LOVE sonic. Mommy never takes me to sonic anymore...we used to be able to walk but now we've moved and live so so so far away.

I mean really...this picture isn't even right side up.

One last quick note before I tell mommy how I REALLY feel....I was catching up on Five Happy Hounds' blog when I saw this great great great idea! Operation Kindness' Dog Day Afternoon! You guys have no idea how much I like to play with dogs. How much I like to swim. How much I like to go on car rides. And it's all for charity! Mom and I are too late to preregister, but don't you doubt that we'll be out there on Saturday. Any other North Texas dogs going? Hope to see you there.......not that you would recognize me ....... MOM.